Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Keep perversion to yourself

Published:Wednesday | January 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter in response to Maurice Tomlinson's letter to the editor titled 'Respect my right to sexual privacy' (Gleaner, January 19, 2016).

If Maurice Tomlinson wants privacy to practise his perversion, why bring it into the public? No one has ever put cameras inside the bedrooms of gay men to watch them do to each other what they should be doing only to women!

You don't have to talk about your bedroom affairs to us. We know, however, that his real aim is to lobby for more male bottoms through the back door.

Brother, you are sick, and it is full time that the rest of us realise that just as some persons are born with physical deformities, others are born with testosterone or other deficiencies.

Get help, bro!