Sat | Sep 22, 2018

No confidence on Flow’s fix

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Mr Sinclair's response to Ms Cooper's article could not be any more chock-full of platitudes we have heard before from FLOW. In fact, with very few exceptions throughout the article, it is so clichÈd that any company might use its text as a response to customers.

I should remind Mr Sinclair that reduced complaints is not necessarily an indication of better service, but may equally be interpreted as customers' lack of confidence in the complaint mechanism. I myself have had to endure the exasperating FLOW customer service, yet I have never called OUR.

I should also remind him that piling on more services and faster speeds to a broken system could hardly rest us at ease. Half the time I have NO Internet, and I live in Kingston 8. Is faster LTE going to help me? Not likely.

My confidence is so weak, that I can barely even look forward to the impact of the measures promised.