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Simpson Miller, a failure as PM and PNP party president,

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The Sunday Gleaner of January 17, 2016 published an interesting news report headlined "Powerless Portia - PNP President Accused of Losing Control of Party", which in part quoted Mark Wignal as follows: "If anyone examines the situation since 2011, they would see that Mrs Simpson Miller has lost control of the party, if she was ever in control, and with a weak secretariat as well, the party is in free fall." According to Wignall, it is the worst state that he has ever seen the PNP in and that there are some persons within the party who are lining up to replace Simpson Miller whenever, she resigns the presidency of the party. Wignall is spot on.

Over the past four years the PNP has been declining in many respects to the extent whereby, over the past year, there have been many political squabbles, vicious cursing and in-fighting between some current PNP Members of Parliament and aspirants seeking to also represent the PNP in the upcoming general elections. In other circumstances PNP supporters have been at political war between themselves and this has greatly demonstrated that Simpson Miller is very much a weak, indecisive, intellectually shallow and not in control of the party that she leads at this time.

Quite recently, some vocal and extremely passionate supporters of sitting PNP, MP Raymond Pryce of Northern Eastern St Elizabeth travelled to the PNP's Headquarters demanding that the leadership remove Evon Redman as the party's constituency candidate and allow Raymond Pryce to contest the seat once again.


Over in Northern Trelawny supporters of the erudite member of Parliament of Northern Trelawny Mr Patrick Atkinson Q.C., have fearlessly come out against the appointment of John Paul White, demanding that White be removed as the party's stand bearer. However, the party have refused to accede to the wishes of Atkinson's supporters and the party's machinery is in total chaos, says a prominent political analyst.

In Central St James some of sitting PNP MP Lloyd B Smith's supporters are extremely upset, perturbed and enormously disappointed that Smith was not permitted to contest the seat again for the party, and Ashley Foster was forced into that seat by the party's leadership. She was previously the PNP's candidate in East Central St James. In East Rural St Andrew the PNP's rising political star Damion Crawford and member of Parliament was sacked by the party and will not contest the seat for the party in the upcoming elections. Senator Imani Duncan Price has been confirmed as the party's constituency candidate for East Rural St Andrew.


If Portia Simpson Miller were forward thinking, firm, stern, pragmatic and in control, then she would have long ago taken the requisite action to prevent the many constituency PNP turmoil and in-fightings which have been occurring in some constituencies. Additionally, there have been media reports that some influential members of the party are greatly disappointed at the poor performing general secretary of the party, Paul Burke, and the fact that Simpson Miller has miserably failed to replace him. Never before has there been so much political confusion and disorganisation within the party and this disastrous state of the party has caused the prime minister to postpone the general elections from being held last year. However, the sad, deplorable and disgraceful state of the PNP never yet seen in the history of the party must be laid at the feet of the party president Simpson Miller frankly speaking and is an indictment on her leadership.

Audley Shaw is absolutely correct that this Government is not competent enough to implement economic and fiscal policies which will lead to economic growth and expansion. Where is the five-nine per cent annual economic growth, Minister Phillips ? Where are the 100,000 jobs Madam Prime Minister ? Before the last general elections then Opposition Leader Simpson Miller had promised the country that under a PNP led government led by her some 100,000 jobs would have been created for Jamaicans. The PM should stop delaying the elections and speedily announce the general elections now.