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Some churches are not invited

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


On Tuesday, the bishop of the Revivalist Church of Jamaica called the radio station to say his church received a long-awaited invitation to attend the National Prayer Breakfast. The Revivalists had written several letters seeking membership and affiliation with the local body of churches, and as he explained, the holy men of the cloth never even replied. A few days ago, the bishop complained publicly, on radio, about the slight and the host of the show reminded the church leaders of the history and contribution of the Revivalists, especially in terms of dance and music. The host asked them to find the reportedly lost letters and extend membership - welcome to Revivalists.

Lo and behold, they're invited to Prayer Breakfast!

I bring the Mormons to your attention. They came here in 1978, nearly 40 years ago and have contributed immensely to the welfare of this country. They have upgraded the lives of hundreds of our citizens and trained dozens in leadership and other skills. The Mormons have donated thousands of American dollars to local institutions, including the University of the West Indies. The public does not hear about these big donations. Every year, especially at Christmas, Mormon trailers arrive at Food For The Poor, laden with well-packaged, useful items and church and social welfare groups join the lines for their share. I hope the contribution of the Mormons will be made public, and they, like the Revivalists, will get invitations to Prayer Breakfast and become members of Jamaica Council of Churches. What's really going on?

Mills Blake