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Crack down on loutish Warmington

Published:Friday | January 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I really don't know if the Jamaican Parliament has high expectations, but I have no confidence in it, and will certainly not elect anyone who behaves like a lout. Everald Warmington's outburst on Tuesday in Parliament, when he described Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna as a "Jezebel", was loutish. In this particular case, the important matter of debating Jamaica's national minimum wage suffered at the expense.

Mr Warmington surely can outdo the best when it comes to portraying the character of a backward 12-year-old braggart. When our politicians persist in name-calling, other disruptive behaviour, and generally childish tirades, they waste the nation's time.

Most of us know quite well how strident and ill-mannered Mr Warmington can be. He continues to get away with even temporarily robbing the people's House of professional legitimacy.

Ms Hanna has called for MP Warmington to be disciplined by the Parliament, but does he need it? Will it change him? I doubt that any form of discipline will affect Mr Warmington.

Freedom of speech is a great thing but the name calling and insults during a sitting of Parliament is shameful. Contrast this scenario against the flack that West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle got for flirting with a female reporter recently. Public reactions alone highlight the protection Mr Warmington receives from some quarters of Jamaica that still maintain archaic ideas about the chest-beating macho figure that always gets his way.

If we want to improve on what prevails, the powers that be must police Parliament and stamp out this undesirable and unsavoury behaviour.