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Build new road for Portmore residents

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM


On January 1, 2016, the Toll Authority increased the charge for some category of motor vehicles using the Portmore toll. For example, operators of some motor vehicles that were once charged $290 per trip now pay $550 per trip.

It is no secret that the residents of Portmore are plagued with never-ending toll charge increases. We think the time has now come for a permanent solution so we don't have to feel like second-class citizens in Jamaica.

The Passage Fort Citizens' Association is now putting forward a recommendation for a permanent solution. The recommendation is, we are asking for a new road to be built by the train line, entering from Dyke Road at Soapberry, with this road exiting/entering out into Marcus Garvey Drive.

The money to do this would come from funds earmarked to develop Mandela Highway, and money from gas tax that is being collected for road infrastructure improvement, and property taxes that is being paid by Portmore residents. The Passage Fort Citizens' Association is now calling upon the Government for an early implementation of this recommendation, to avoid social unrest in Portmore, because the residents of Portmore are at their highest peak of frustration.

Please heed the warning. The time to act is now! We would not want to call upon all property owners in Portmore to stop paying property taxes for at least two years.