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Simpson Miller a disaster as PM and PNP president

Published:Wednesday | January 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I would like to state that I agree with letter writer Robert Dalley, who wrote in The Gleaner last week an excellent letter captioned 'Simpson Miller a failure as PM and PNP party president'. The writer mentioned that the numerous constituency squabbles and disruptions that have been taking place in some constituencies between sitting People's National Party (PNP) members of parliament (MPs) and others seeking to represent those constituencies demonstrate party president Simpson Miller failure to a large extent, and that is accurate from my standpoint as well.

Never before in the history of the PNP has there been so much chaos, confusion and constituency problems among some PNP MPs and other party members and delegates. Take the issue of North East St Elizabeth MP Raymond Pryce. There has been a lengthy dragging out of problems and conflicts between Pryce's supporters and those backing the party's new standard-bearer for the constituency, Evon Redman, for the past six months. Simpson Miller has done nothing to settle the associated political issues, to the extent whereby supporters thought it appropriate to travel to the party's headquarters seeking to get justice for Pryce, who they say should be allowed to contest the seat once more for the party in the next election. Pryce's supporters say that they cannot understand why Redman was foisted on the constituency by the party.

Like writer Dalley, it is shameful that Mrs Simpson Miller, as party president, has been allowing the party to disintegrate into quarrels and various problems to the extent whereby the party has a non-performing general secretary in the person of Paul Burke.




As a Jamaican and accountant, I would also like to wholeheartedly support Robert Dalley's views as outlined in his well tabulated Gleaner letter that the Government and Finance Minister Peter Phillips are just not competent enough to grow and expand the Jamaican economy. The Jamaican economy is at a standstill and Jamaicans are barely surviving.

Minister Phillips tells us that the inflation rate is at its lowest, yet, each month, items in the supermarket are getting more expensive.

How do you explain the high cost of living in the country, Minister Phillips? Jamaicans are crying out for jobs and opportunities. Do you understand that, Prime Minister Simpson Miller?

This prime minister is the worst to have governed Jamaica and she says she cares for the poor. This Government is a disappointment and is not competent to govern this country. Mrs Simpson Miller has never outlined an economic vision for the country and is operating in a bubble, ignoring the tough economic times in the country with no economic growth and a stagnant economy. Things are falling apart and citizens are getting more and more in poverty and losing hope.

Basil S. Lyn, CPA