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Arbitrary toll rates

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For the past few weeks, the toll operators have implemented a new method of calculating the class of vehicle passing through the toll booths which makes absolutely no sense and is causing much anger among some users of the highway and serious problems for the workers in the toll booths.

The class of the old type of Suzuki Vitara is now on the border line of class 1 and 2 and is determined by how many persons are in the vehicle. If you are travelling alone you are in class 2, when you have only one passenger you might be class 2 at one toll booth and class 1 at the other, but if you have two or more passengers you are in class 1. This is discriminatory to drivers of the old Vitara as it is the only type of vehicle in its class - small SUV - that is placed in class 2. The new Vitara, Toyota RAV 4 and the Honda CRV and all other similar vehicles are in class 1. If you have a tag and travel through the tag line, you are also in class 1. The problem is caused because while the class 2 and 3 classifications are done by the wheel base of the vehicle length and width, class 1 is determined by the height of the vehicle.

By this one stroke the toll operators have placed a 47 per cent increase (from $450 to $660) on one set of users without an official increase from the Government. This is immoral, totally unjustified, and should not be allowed to continue.

Errol Kelly