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Letter of the Day: Portia Simpson Miller’s weak leadership

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Kindly afford me the opportunity to make reference to an article written by Robert Dalley in your daily Gleaner of Thursday, January 21, 2016, headlined 'Simpson Miller a failure as PM and PNP party president'.

As a former People's National Party elected councillor for more than one term and a member of the PNP for many decades, with significant political and party experience, I must admit that Robert Dalley's article referring to Portia Simpson Miller as a failure as PM and PNP president is correct to the letter in every respect. I have never seen the PNP in such a sad state as what currently pertains within the party. So many constituencies with serving PNP members of parliament are in a disorganised state and others are not being properly served by their MP. This, I believe, is due to the non-effectiveness of Simpson Miller as party president. The sad, disintegrating state of the PNP must be squarely laid at the political feet of the party president. The buck stops with her.

Lloyd B. Smith, for example, who is the present MP for Central St James, was pushed out of that seat and, as Mr Dalley stated, Ashley Foster unfairly parachuted into that constituency with many PNP delegates (still) supporting Smith and upset that Foster was shoved into the constituency by the party's leadership.

Simpson Miller has certainly been a weak-performing prime minister not at all in control of the Government and this is so unfortunate from my party's perspective. She has miserably failed to lead the Government from the front and is among the worst performing prime ministers to have governed this country. She has failed to dismiss Fenton Ferguson as a minister and Phillip Paulwell has dealt with the bad gas scandal poorly and the prime minister has not uttered one word about this important national issue.


The prime minister has refused to speak to the country about many governmental issues including the economy, high unemployment rate and deplorable state of the health and social security sectors. I am disappointed in the failed leadership of Simpson Miller. Robert Dalley and Mark Wignall are to be congratulated for speaking the truth relating to her poor performance. Other writers are timid and afraid of publicly speaking the truth. I am a disappointed former PNP councillor and sitting PNP member.

Frank L. R. Manborde,

Former PNP Councillor

Current serving PNP Member

Western Jamaica