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Letter of the Day: I accept responsibility for actions of supporters

Published:Friday | January 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to the Letter of the Day published on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Let me state for the record that the shirt and flags were removed before publication. In fact, they should not have been placed there.

I want to reassure my constituents of St Andrew Eastern and the citizens of Jamaica that I have a high regard for the Office of the Political Ombudsman and its incumbent and view the office as an integral component of a respectful and democratic political process.

I have often expressed my encouragement in many public discourses for active participation in the political process so that we can stem the political apathy currently pervading our society. This is a fundamental right for which our forefathers fought. However, as we participate, we must also balance fervent participation with collective and individual responsibility for the rules of conduct regarding this process.

Time must be spent investing in educating supporters and activists about their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, as their leader, I must accept responsibility for the actions of my supporters and will not attempt to shirk accountability or feign ignorance of the concerns expressed. It is my pledge to be more vigilant in ensuring that the conduct of my supporters conforms to the requirements and overall spirit of the campaign guidelines.

With regard to Parliament, I have an outstanding record of attendance and participation. In my constituency, I work hard to ensure that we are given a fair representation with respect to infrastructural projects. Additionally, I am a consistent advocate for exemplary public service. I have also engaged various organisations to facilitate programmes that will seek to develop individuals within St Andrew Eastern.




I hold true to the constituency's vision, which is the 'Development of communities within St Andrew Eastern, where high-quality education and lifestyle are accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background and ability'.

This vision has been outlined in a number of projects and initiatives that have been undertaken, for which space will not allow me to describe here. However, stakeholders are welcome to come by the constituency office for meaningful dialogue on these projects. Furthermore, town-hall meetings are regularly held where my constituents receive the opportunity to share their concerns, which we then use to effect change moving forward.

It is a well-known fact that no constituency will be without challenges. When we hear from the voice of the people, we as leaders are able to go through our own introspection and see how we can all be more effective in serving our communities and, by extension, our country.

I thank the writer for the candour expressed and wish every success for his/her daughter's tertiary academic pursuits.


Member of Parliament

St Andrew Eastern