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FLOW, Digicel both terrible

Published:Monday | February 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Since 1994, I have been actively working on the Web as an Internet tourism marketing consultant. I spend between nine to 15 hours daily uploading or downloading files, posting photos or photo galleries on social media, and uploading videos to

I have complained multiple times to Digicel customer service about my broadband service, and have communicated with the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR). A Digicel technician came to my home office a few times, tested my router, and checked upload and download speeds via He found nothing wrong with my router and had the same poor speed results with his computer.

Last year, in frustration, I signed up for LIME-FLOW broadband services, as I could not depend on Digicel. I selected its highest 8MB broadband access speed account. Quickly, I realised that I could not rely on FLOW's broadband either, and currently use both to ensure Internet access without service interruptions.

While uploading an 8GB video to recently, I tested both Digicel's and FLOW's upload times. Tests showed uploading the video using Digicel would take 1,710 minutes, or 28.5 hours, and FLOW, 1,430 minutes, or 23.8 hours.

Jamaicans deserve world-class Internet broadband services from FLOW and Digicel. I sincerely believe the main reason Digicel and FLOW customers experience poor service is because their broadband infrastructure is not up to world-class standards. The broadband infrastructure currently in place cannot handle the many Jamaican customers signed up to use their services.

Hopefully, the minister of science, technology, energy and mining, Phillip Paulwell, and the OUR will address the inferior broadband provided by Digicel and FLOW. If these two broadband providers cannot, or do not, upgrade their infrastructure to provide better service, maybe we need to encourage and facilitate other world-class Internet broadband providers to come to Jamaica.