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Media have long sided with PNP

Published:Tuesday | February 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Jamaican media, long the 12th man on the People's National Party football team, showed its true colours last Sunday.

No more so than Gleaner columnist Ian Boyne, who has consistently declared that the Jamaican economy has been turning the corner since the tenure of Omar Davies as finance minister. He was in his element with another fluff piece.

Boyne wrote: "In an interview with Richard Byles to be aired today, he said that every single macroeconomic indicator of previous concern is going in a positive direction. As Byles pointed out, there have been record investments in tourism, the business process outsourcing sector, and other areas of the economy. Heineken had a 15 per cent share in Red Stripe and could have chosen to liquidate and get out of Jamaica. Instead, it decided to pump more than US$700 million into the economy as a sign of its confidence."

Now, Ian Boyne did not say which media would air this piece. So how did he know of it being broadcast and what Mr Byles would say?

Most of the 'senior' journalists in Jamaica came of age during the 1970s - Michael Manley's time. They were supporters of the PNP then; they are even more rabid now.

How can the Press Association of Jamaica explain the prime minister not granting an interview for an entire term?! Shades of Castro, Mugabe, and Kim Jong-un.

We are fast heading to a one-party state, and 'progressives' like Mr Boyne are aiding this.