Sun | Mar 18, 2018

Let's vote for third parties

Published:Wednesday | February 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We need to be more involved in our politics and take action lest we fall into anarchy.

Jamaica used to be awash with many parties, albeit that only two are ever elected, but people used to be involved.

If we are to take our nation forward, we need to take part in the political process. We, as individuals, must hold these politicians accountable and remind them that we pay their bills.

Voting is important not only because it's a civic duty, but also because it helps put politicians' feet to the fire. Not voting means that the politician is paid by you and they pay you scant regard, as you don't matter to them. They get the taxes while free from the shackles of representation.

That is madness and should not happen. Now I do not expect both parties to disappear tomorrow, but if most of us were to vote third party, a message would be sent. If uncommitted voters were to go for a third party, the politicians would really get the message.

The politicians would see that the electorate is no longer in a coma and would act accordingly. We also need to start grilling our politicians when it comes to governance. Keeping them grilled will ensure that the politicians keep honest or at least realise that people are watching closely.

So let's stop complaining and let's visit these politicians and hold them accountable. Let us vote third party and let us again put the fear of God back in them, as they seem to be fearless, and that's never a good thing.