Mon | Nov 19, 2018

Dear Portia's master

Published:Thursday | February 4, 2016 | 11:10 PM


Who will save the New Haven community and the Six Miles area from the Zika virus? Portia's master, please help us and guide the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Water Commission (NWC), and the National Works Agency to these desolate places. The people are in need of guidance, the place needs maintenance, de-bushing, and frequent garbage collection. Oh Toucher of Portia, we need the drains and the gullies to be cleaned properly!

Portia's master, there are two broken pipes that were recently claimed to be fixed but have erupted again. Portia's master, we ask that you touch the NWC so that they can buy new pipes and replace the bad ones.

There's a leak on Emerson Avenue that has been running for a long time and has blocked the road. I ask that you turn their eyes to it since my emailed pleas and photos have lost their way. On the same road, Portia's master, lot number 13 is issuing sewage on to the road, and the people who walk there need a saviour.

Dear Portia's master, we need you to help the MOH to fog and purge the mosquito crosses that have come to torment the people.

Portia's master, just as you touched the prime minister and sent a quick election, hear my cry and grant New Haven and Six Miles a speedy fix and no ZikV!

Colette Campbell