Sun | Mar 18, 2018

What would Jesus think?

Published:Thursday | February 4, 2016 | 11:10 PM


Although I am an ardent atheist, I do have an open mind. As such, I make it a habit to listen to as many church sermons as I can. However, I can safely say that if Jesus were around today, the chances of him being a Christian are remote.

For starters, most likely, the poor man would not recognise who this object of the Christian's devotion is. Despite all of Christianity's preaching, history is yet to confirm that there was ever a man called Jesus who could do all the things that the religion has credited him with

doing. From healing the sick to calming storms to even raising the dead, Jesus today would be shocked at what Christianity has done to him!

No doubt, he wouldn't want to be associated with the 'superman' he has been made out to be.

However, it is likely that Jesus would also shun the faith for the way it deals with today's social issues.

It is clear that Jesus wanted a movement that would be a facilitator of social and human development - and not a barrier. For example, look at his response to what the crowd was about to do to the adulteress. In clear violation of the law at that time, Jesus challenged the mob, which was determined to do away with the adulteress by pointing out their own faults.

It is not that Jesus was necessarily condoning what the woman did. He was trying to get the mob to understand that she should be dealt with differently and not stoned to death.

Today, we see our church leaders, and others, using religion to resist change instead of using it as a means to enable social development. What would Jesus think about that today?

Michael A. Dingwall