Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Farm-road repairs will drive development

Published:Friday | February 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM


This is a phrase that I have heard for quite some time now, and until recently, I just assumed it only referred to large highways or the main roads in parishes.

It wasn't until I heard of the recent rehabilitation of 22 farm roads that it truly dawned on me that the phrase is true of all of our roads, from 'A' roads to the unclassified.

It is quite pleasing that successive People's National Party (PNP) administrations have made it a mission to improve the nation's roads.

A few persons may not understand the importance of the fixing of the farm roads. If you are one of those persons, hush! I am sure that the rest of you can appreciate the magnitude of this. Even better news is that the improvement of these 22 roads is only the beginning.

With these improvements, farmers will be able transport their goods at a reduced cost, and as a result of this, more capital will be available for reinvestment in their farm and families, leading to more production, and it will help in the human and economic development of the farmers and their loved ones.

This road programme is under the Rural Development Task Force, which aims at improving the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who reside in the rural areas of this country.

I firmly believe that this, if no other policy of the PNP Government, will be felt by Jamaicans all over the island as when the rural areas develop, it will push the pace of development of the entire nation.