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Improve record on human rights

Published:Friday | February 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Jamaicans have to focus more on bettering our human-rights record, as our human wrongs have created problems that are affecting our tourism ranking. Tourism is one of our most important industries and foreign exchange earners.

In the story of a new survey carried out by Bloomberg Business written by Evan Ortiz and Matt Bell, carried by CNN on February 1, Jamaica was ranked 14th out of 16 as the place where the very rich like to travel in the Caribbean.number one was The Bahamas.

Under the headline 'Here's Where The Very Rich Like to Travel In The Caribbean', the story said, "The new survey of the top five per cent of wealthy Americans ranks which beach paradises are the most beloved vacation spots for the very, very rich. Here, travel experts weigh in on why one island stocks up higher than another."

In ranking Jamaica 14th out of 16, the story said it may be the most business-friendly country in the region, "but with a nasty record on human rights, particularly LGBT ... , Jamaica seems to be a tough sell for the super rich". A few lavish resorts like GoldenEye (of glorious Bond fame and Half Moon) can't do all the heavy lifting.