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Weh di money a go come from, JLP?

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


With the battle on in earnest to win the February 25 vote, I cannot help but address some of the utterances and promises from Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

At a political rally in Gayle, Western St Mary, on February 2, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate and chairman, Senator Robert Montague, made a frightening allegation. He suggested that the Government bought bad gas from the jihadist group ISIS. He even asserted that this bad gas was being used in airplanes, and said further that planes could soon start falling from the sky. As far as I know, the gas used in cars is not the same one used in aircrafts.

I was startled when I read the report and I wondered if the honourable gentleman was misquoted. However, several other media entities reported same and no denial has come from Mr Montague or his party. Now, I have to ask, what could have prompted Mr Montague to have made such a wanton statement without an iota of truth? Was this red meat for the party's base? Whatever was his intent, it was low, irresponsible, tacky, and inexcusable.

This could well jeopardise Jamaica's image in the international arena. But then again, this means nothing to the JLP, as it sullied Jamaica's reputation in the interests of protecting Dudus.

Fast-forward to February 4, at a JLP rally in Junction, South East St Elizabeth. Audley Shaw was issuing another directive to the loyalists. This time, it was directed at the Jamaican media. He was peeved because a journalist asked him to explain his ambitious plan of creating 250,000 new jobs. Is Mr Shaw claiming that the media are biased against the JLP? Is he riling up the base to resort to its antagonistic attitude towards the media that we saw in 2007 and 2011?

My last point has to do with Mr Holness' broadcast to the nation on February 4. He promised to remove income tax from most public-sector workers' salaries. This is in addition to many more promises that will require billions of dollars to undertake. The JLP has constantly stated that the economic framework of the country is in shambles. On that point, how will they be able to sustain such a programme?

Where will the money come from to make up this shortfall in the coffers? The JLP promised no additional tax increases or new taxes. Weh di money a go come from? This is one of the most fiscally myopic statements I have ever heard. A suh dem desperate?

Mr Holness is trying to woo educators who experienced his dictatorial and non-consultative style when he was education minister. His little game naw guh wuk!

I understand that the JLP wants to win the election. It would be wise [however] to put forward plausible alternatives and refrain from administering political Viagra at its public rallies. Jamaicans a nuh fool.