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Where Sylvia Dallas will have to vote

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to a letter from Sylvia Dallas titled 'Are we losing our voting rights?', which was published in your newspaper on Wednesday, February 3.

First, I would like to state that Mrs Dallas is in fact registered to vote in the constituency of St Catherine West Central as Sylvia Straw (her maiden name) and is eligible to vote in the upcoming election in that constituency.

Persons whose names are already on the voters' list cannot be registered/added again, as this would result in a duplicate. In Mrs Dallas' case, having already been enumerated in 2006, her attempt to re-register in the name Sylvia Dallas has resulted in the second registration being denied, as the system, using her fingerprints, indicated she was already on the list.

Hence she has been called to a sitting with the returning officer to be held in April. Please note that she can vote, but must do so at the St Catherine West Central constituency, in Kitson Town. However, if she fails to attend the sitting, her name will be removed from the voters' list and neither record will be active.

Since Mrs Dallas' name is already on the list, it would have been advisable for her to have done two things:

1. Apply for a transfer of registration from St Catherine West Central, where she resided in Kitson Town, to the St Catherine Southern constituency where she now resides at a Dunbeholden address.

2. Apply for a name change to have her information updated with her married name.

We urge electors to verify that their names are on the voters' list by contacting their constituency office, or calling the Electoral Office at 1-888-991-VOTE, or visiting our website at and use the query voters' list application.


Director of Elections