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PNP just as competent at crashing economy

Published:Monday | February 8, 2016 | 11:01 PM

This is an open letter to Ralston Hyman regarding his In Focus column 'JLP rebate would crash the economy' (Sunday Gleaner, February 7, 2016),

For the record, I neither support the People's National Party nor the Jamaica Labour Party, because I see neither making significant difference in Jamaica's development. History speaks for itself.

I am 24 years old and now reside in the United States. I love my country very much and would be eager to help in any way to further its status on the path of becoming a self-sustaining country. With that said, my writing to you is based on clarification. I found your post highly intellectual and informative, as you pointed out some developments with numerical statistics.

However I would prefer your post being written in a way that the average Jamaican can comprehend. Myself being a university graduate I had to read the your article paragraph by paragraph repeatedly. I am well aware my linguistics are not up to par with yours or your peers', but seeing that the majority of the voters who decide who will our 'dictator' for the next four years will be decided by the blue-collar, minimum wage-earning Jamaicans, it should have been written simpler.

Also, I would like further clarification as to why the JLP rebate would crash the economy when the PNP is doing a good job at that after being in power for so long. With a leader who is easily aggravated and blind to the actions of her ministers. I swear to you that her competence and intelligence do not influence my remarks.