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Will Holness survive next revolt?

Published:Friday | February 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM


If the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) does not win the next general election, there will be another attempt to remove Andrew Holness as leader of that party. What is not certain is whether or not Mr Holness will survive the next attempt to replace him.

A successful revolt against Mr Holness will depend on one thing: the magnitude of the JLP loss. If the JLP loses the upcoming election badly, there will be a tsunami of opposition to him remaining as party leader. If the JLP fails to increase its minority, there is good reason to think that his days as party leader are indeed numbered.

On the other hand, if the JLP loses the election, but gains more seats, he may just yet be able to hold on.

Unlike many other countries, such as Great Britain, a party losing elections in Jamaica does not mean that the losing party will get rid of its leader. Both parties have had losing leaders who continue to lead - as if it is their birthright.

The problem with a replacement for Mr Holness is this: Who will be the new leader? Loud-mouth Mr Shaw, or the brainiac Chris Tufton?