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Letter of the day: Shaw, JLP not credible

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The JLP's Audley Shaw (right) and party leader Andrew Holness at a press conference this week.


The prime minister is within her right to demand an apology from Andrew Holness for using defamatory verbiage to describe her. I do not see anything wrong with declining to debate him until he issues same. The PM engaged Mr Holness in a leadership debate on December 20, 2011. The analyses from the pundits did not put Mr Holness in the ascendancy. Let's go back down memory lane for a bit: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20111221/lead/lead2.html. So, I rubbish the thoughts of those who claim she is fearful of facing Andrew.

The JLP cannot be trusted, and will say anything and everything to win the election. Audley Shaw is known to be the JLP's point man when it comes to whipping up the party faithful. He is excellent at presenting questionable data. His job is even more difficult now, as the party base is deflated and dejected.

The same Audley Shaw made another erroneous presentation at a JLP meeting late last year in May Pen. He read from a document claiming it was a copy of the audit of the health sector. When people checked the audit, the claims he made were missing. The Government must be held accountable but purporting falsehoods is not the route to take. Mr Shaw's credibility is surely under scrutiny.

Mr Shaw, in 2007, before the general election, promised the nurses of Jamaica a 100 per cent salary increase if the JLP won the election. We all knew this was not feasible. When the JLP won, and the nurses wanted the fulfilment, Mr. Shaw reneged, denying he made the promise.

Last weekend, on Nationwide FM, the chairman of the JLP's economic council, the erudite Aubyn Hill, sought to explain how the deficit will be plugged. He reported there would be no increase in GCT. Mr Hill told Nationwide that those who earn over $5,000,000 annually will have to pay more. This is totally absurd! How many Jamaicans earn over that amount? The idea is just not economically viable. I see it as a gimmick to get votes to win the election.

Dr Phillips announced that if elected, the PNP would create 100,000 jobs over the next five years. My eyebrows lifted when he said it, as I thought it impracticable. He then went on to explain the sources of the jobs. The JLP latched onto this and rubbished it as political gimmickry. I was flabbergasted to hear Mr Shaw promise 250,000 jobs. What happened between Sunday and Wednesday that caused Mr. Shaw to realise that he could outdo Dr.Phillips' projection by 150 per cent?

The JLP needs to recognise that Jamaicans are not fools.