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We see right through PNP

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM

We see right through PNP


The People's National Party has decided that it won't attend the electoral debates unless Andrew Holness apologises.

Why must every Jamaican who wants a chance to critically analyse the policies, positions and character of the candidates, the few thinking people that we have, why must we suffer because of some foolish squabble?

The debates are not for the candidates! The debates are for the people! This is the kind of selfish elevation of party over nation that continues to feed on Jamaica. The debates are to help us to decide nonsense versus sense, and who is truly worthy of the leadership of this nation.

Shame on you, PNP. Jamaica nuh suh fool. We see right through this. Stop the foolishness, man! Give the people a chance to make an educated vote! Don't push for a brainless electorate, but a thinking one!

Push for the empowerment of the Jamaican people more than your own interests! Isn't that what it means to be a public servant?