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You'll never defeat capitalism, Bernie

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM

You'll never defeat capitalism, Bernie


I think that political ideology is not emphasised enough in the current campaign, and its absence makes it hard to tell the difference between Jamaica's two political parties.

The current political atmosphere in the United States and within the Democratic Party is an example of how ideological difference has strengthened the platforms of both Senator Bernie Sanders and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Sanders, who labels himself a 'democratic socialist', has become a 'populist.' He would like to eradicate income disparity by breaking up big banks and giving free college education to all. His goal is to empower the 99 per cent of the population by the redistribution of the wealth owned by the so-called one per cent.

Suddenly, Wall Street and its investment bankers are ridiculed, derided and scorned by the young people who rally around with him. Consequently, the other Democratic presidential hopefuls who are not deriding anyone in particular appear to be falling behind the populists bandwagon.

However, the Establishment was built by the free market and the capitalist world may be shaken by rhetoric, but it will never fall. It is a monument that is built on the pillars of initiative, innovation, hard work and reward.


Springfield, St Elizabeth