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Reject PNP gutter politics

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Just when I thought that the People's National Party (PNP) couldn't get any worse at being the vicious rogue of an organisation that it is, it has descended into the most deplorable, nasty and gutter-like politics which has smeared the image of the opposition leader Andrew Holness and his family.

The campaign director for the PNP, Dr Peter Phillips, has embarked on a prosecution and trial of the Holness family in an attempt to gain political traction over the past few months. Initially, I was of the considered view that Phillips had genuine concerns about Holness' multi-million-dollar house, in the interest of integrity and the good governance of our country.

It appears, however, that Phillips' underlying ideological plan was to discredit, defame, impugn and lower Holness in the estimation of others by giving the public the impression that there was something concerning the construction of the house that was so untoward that it would banish Holness from politics. Phillips must be ashamed of himself.

How did Holness' house become critical to our country's development anyway? What about the issues of the day? Will lowering Holness in the estimation of others secure another PNP victory?

Phillips must understand that engaging in smear activities are reckless and can backfire with unpleasant results. One does not claim the moral high ground by practising tribal and gutter-like politics. In fact, Phillips' deplorable conduct should disqualify him from high public office.

The politics of Jamaica have gotten worse. I wonder if after the PNP destroys courageous vision, good will and good sense, if there will be any resolve to deal with the real issues at hand? The electorate should reject the gutter politics that is being practised by the PNP.