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Too many teething pains, Digicel

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMLeroy Brown

I was glad when Digicel launched its Digiplay 3 feature package: Internet, cable, and phone service. However, I could not be more disappointed with the service. This is much more than I bargained for, and now wondering if I swapped black dog for monkey.

I will list out all the problems that I have encountered since signing up.

1. The words (font size) at the bottom of the screen are too small. We are being told that it was designed for persons with wide-screen smart TVs. Seriously, now you tell us. So persons with regular televisions need not sign up. Well, I have both a regular and smart TV. I can't see the words on the regular TV, and on the smart, I can see it, but barely. You have no idea of the name of the programme you're watching, nor do you know the channel you're watching. Why put information on next channel there? Why not just put information for the current channel alone. This way, the information would be a lot bigger; it is too crowded now.

2. Because Digicel is trying to cram so much information at the bottom of the screen, there is nothing about the rating of the shows. A child can change and watch an R-rated movie, and the adult would not know until it's too late

3. Sometimes you are watching a show and it just switches from English to Spanish. Then you have to call Digicel.

4. SportsMax - I cannot understand. This is your channel, Digicel. Why should customers pay extra to watch the stations? Why not put them all in the basic line-up?

5. Dropped channels - I was watching news one night and, at 8 o'clock, I tried to change the channel to watch the other newscast. I used the remote and switched, as the next newscast is supposed to be the next channel. But it skipped that channel and went to the other channel. I decided to just put in the number using the remote. Blank screen.

When I called, I was told to turn off the cable box and turn it back on again. At that time, the channel came up. I have to be standing on a ladder so many times to do this, as the skipped-channel problem happens very, very often.

6. Channel freeze - I have the remote and try to change the channel, but nothing happens. I have to call them again. Again, turn off the box and turn it back on. However, this time, it's different, because it is still not responding. Then you wait for hours until it comes back. Maybe the box, like myself, is getting tired and frustrated. I thought I was the only person having these problems, but I heard others threatening to throw the device through the window.

Leroy Brown