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Justice council exists

Published:Friday | February 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Item 18 of the article 'PNP still working on most 2011 manifesto promises', saying that a National Council of Justice (NCJ) had not been established, is inaccurate.

The NCJ was established in 2013, and has been meeting quarterly since then.

I chair the NCJ, and the minister of national security also attends.

Its members include the chief justice, president of the Court of Appeal, the director of public prosecutions, solicitor general, commissioner of police, president of the Jamaican Bar Association, president of the Advocates Association, director of the forensic lab, a representative of the PSOJ's committee on security/justice, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice, executive director of the Legal Aid Council, director of legal reform, and a representative of the Lay Magistrates Association.

The NCJ is active, and has become a useful clearing house for sharing information, discussing problems and finding solutions to a wide range of issues concerning the justice system. It gets into matters of detail, as well as broader policy issues.

I would be grateful if the article would be corrected in this regard.


Minister of Justice

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gleaner reporter Daraine Luton walked through all 18 points of the PNP's manifesto with campaign spokesman Delano Franklyn and Deputy General Secretary Julian Robinson, who told this newspaper that the NCJ had not been established.