Mon | Aug 20, 2018

Where were you, Madam PM?

Published:Friday | February 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The prime minister and the rest of the orange-clad posse really think very little of the Jamaican people that they can decide to opt out of the national debates before the pending election with no care or thought of paying the price of losing in the polls.

It may be that in their minds, they have way more garrison communities than the Jamaica Labour Party and they probably surmise that Jamaica has too many fools in these communities for them to lose the elections. An, since it is as perennial as the grass that fools can always be trusted to be fools, it doesn't matter what they say or do they have the fools in their corner, hence they can do as they have a mind and getaway with it.

If memory serves me correctly, during the massive chikungunya outbreak, the media and all of Jamaica were waiting and anticipating a statement or some level of an address by the prime minister and she was conveniently unavailable. Now, a few days before the election, we are bombarded by the prime minister's voice over the airwaves urging Jamaicans to work together with her government to fight against the Zika virus.

My question to the prime minister is, where were you? Where was your compassion for those who suffered tremendously during those dark hours, when those babies were dying like flies and the young mothers, some of whom will never be able to have another child, were crying out to you? Where were you then, Madam Prime Minister?

You were being shielded from giving an account to the public, and now like clockwork, you are all over the television screens and radio.