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Holness house rhetoric by Phillips mean-spirited

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


My parents taught me that envy was the mother of covetousness. I was also taught at a very early age that a man's house is his castle.

Home ownership is the expectation of every man - whether he builds or buys it.

Jamaica's youthful opposition leader has embarked on the construction of his home. He has a family and deserves to live well.

Many other young people see him as a role model and an inspiration. Yet, Finance Minister Peter Phillips is making the young man's dream home a political football on his campaign platform.

Jamaica is a democratic country, where individual liberty is respected and home ownership is encouraged because it is a valuable asset.

Mr Phillips' kind of politics must be rejected because it sends the wrong message. Young people who aspire to become public servants will be deterred, fearing that their private lives will be opened up to public scrutiny and their business exposed.


Springfield, St Elizabeth