Thu | Mar 22, 2018

Wanted: politicans with decency

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:11 AM


I beamed with pride and was moved to tears when a young Barack Obama was sworn into office as the first black president of the USA in 2009.

He was admired the world over for his decorum, principled demeanour, and intellect. His presence and command in the debates made him stand tall among all the other candidates.

Today, I cringe and cry tears of a different kind when I see the constant disrespect and negative competitiveness among candidates to see who can deliver the harshest blow and salivate the most at slander and defamation of character.

Jamaica's leaders, at different levels, although bright, tend to disappoint. It's as if these political parties are quickly becoming surrogates to the Republican Party in the USA.

Is this the transformation or direction we so desire for our young aspiring men and women? I don't think as a nation that's the example to which we should subscribe.

Andrew Holness seethed and ranted on stage when defending comments made about the acquisition of his house. He could have chosen another platform and dealt with this issue in a more acceptable manner befitting an opposition leader.

Damion Crawford's loose lips ousted him from a bright promising future as a People's National Party force to be reckoned with.

Everald Warmington, what a fortunate man! He is allowed to do and say anything that comes to his head. He is NOT Donald Trump!

Readers, this is Jamaica, and, believe it or not, there are those of us who still believe in some semblance of decency, respect to our women, good ethical conduct, and chivalry.

Thank God all is not lost.


St Elizabeth