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Buy my vote with Portmore toll relief

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Over the years, we have seen a number of toll roads being constructed, which make commuting far more convenient, especially for commuters travelling long distances. However, the matter of high cost being incurred by motorists who reside in proximity to, and who must traverse, such toll roads for only short distances to and fro daily, continues to be of great concern.

For example, many Portmore residents are still left without options other than to pay the full toll fare and frequent hikes. Sure enough, they can use the Mandela Highway alternative, however, it may not always be practical, convenient or cost-effective to do so, as it could prove to be a much longer route. Therefore, motorists must plan to leave earlier to arrive at their destination on time, and must also pay more on fuel (including gas tax).

With an election in the air, I would definitely vote for the political party that is willing to put in place a system that will ease the burden on these poor residents. One such solution could be to discount the toll rate, and apply this to the toll tags that may already be affixed to vehicles belonging to these motorists. Residents could be tracked by registering their address and vehicle-registration number with the respective toll plaza office.

They would then be required to provide proof, at least every six months, to confirm that their address remain within a valid Portmore zone under the relief programme. Otherwise, the toll discount would no longer apply.

I am trusting that some consideration be given to the above.