Tue | Jan 22, 2019

I trust hand of austerity

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM


An article published on Investopedia suggests that supporters of Obamanomics claim that, given the dire financial situation of the United States (US) economy - characterised by a soaring fiscal deficit and the strains put on Medicare by an ageing population - President Obama has no choice but to make the tough decisions that will put the economy back on track.

I really am not a Portia Simpson Miller fan. Her interpretation of ignoring the people who placed her in the Office of the Prime Minister because she doesn't want to "talk herself out of office" is at odds with my definition of leadership.

I also cannot support Andrew Holness, as his breach of my Constitution, and encouragement of illegality ("eat them out and vote them out"), goes against every principle of decency that I know.

But Peter Phillips and his own hybrid brand of Obamanomics get my vote. Austerity is never a popular option. It clearly will cause social unrest in any country. But faced with the soaring debt, lack of credibility and broken promises of the former Jamaica Labour Party administration, Peter and his team face very few options.

The path on which Peter Phillips has placed Jamaica is very similar to the track on which Obamanomics has put the US economy. The Republican Party tried everything to change that course when Mitt Romney and his team campaigned against Obamanomics. Not surprisingly, the American people saw through the empty promises and gave Obama another four-year mandate.

The promises of Andrew Holness are destructive, if implemented, and unsettling if they cannot keep them. That's not a good box in which to find oneself.

I vote for whoever can keep the country on its current path back to credibility. I will do the rest.