Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Do not disregard opinion of the Economist

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 12:05 AM


I find the letter by Barry Broadwall 'Who gives a hoot what the economist think' somewhat interesting. To disagree with the views of the International Monetary Fund or any other lending agency and the need for them, seems quite different. In this regard, one could easily ignore any need to adapt suggestion they offer for economic growth a sustainable ground for borrowing.

If the creation of more jobs is not seen in itself as the way forward, it becomes not only a domestic matter, but impacts a healthy relationship between Jamaica and the very lending institutions you hope will listen to you. One cannot really have his cake and eat it. Either you cut any relationship with external sources of lending by clearing your debts and moving on, or you accommodate their opinions, however awkward and imperfect, in order to remain afloat economically. Maybe it would be useful not just to rubbish the views and opinions of the Economist but to enlighten them to peculiarities about the Jamaican economy and ways to makes both sides happy.

Homer Sylvester