Tue | Jul 17, 2018

A prime minister for all Jamaicans

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2016 | 12:05 AM


I think that the response of the prime minister to the incident which broke up her campaign rally in her own PSM Square on Tuesday night was disgraceful.

Mrs Simpson Miller should realise that she is not only the PM for Majesty Gardens (Back-to) and Delacree, nor even the supporters of the PNP. She is prime minister for all Jamaicans.

Therefore, how could she have made the kind of statement she made on the stage after the incident that:

"Whoever was the evil that was sent here to do what has happened earlier will recognise that members of the People's National Party are never afraid of anyone. I am going to find out who did it and it doesn't matter what constituency they come from, neighbouring or otherwise. I am going to deal with it. Comrades, you know, I've been wondering and I said it to someone, that if other meetings were disrupted, when is it they would disrupt a meeting for us."

That statement is not simply inflammable, it is a call to arms. But, against whom? Andrew Holness in West Central St Andrew or Desmond McKenzie in Western Kingston? Or was she referring to her neighbouring Comrade constituencies - South St Andrew; East Central St Andrew or Western St Andrew?

Imagine, just a week after demanding that Opposition Leader Andrew Holness apologise to her for blaming "terrorists" for the shooting at Sam Sharpe Square, the prime minister goes onstage and blame others for a stabbing at her rally, without even a shred of evidence to prove it.

Is that an example of what we can expect if she is returned to power?

Omar Bryan