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Great move to increase seat count

Published:Friday | February 26, 2016 | 11:06 PMErrol Kelly


Looking at the results of Thursday's general election, it is remarkable how similar the results were to those of the 2007 election when the JLP won by a 32-28 seat margin.

The election could have resulted in a 30-30 tie if it had been held with the 2007 constituency count of 60.

1. All three new constituencies added in 2011 were won by the JLP.

2. Every seat, except Clarendon Northern and Clarendon North West, which had surprise upset victories for the JLP, every other seat had results very similar to those of the 2007elections.

We can conclude that the Electoral Commission showed great insight in adding the three new seats, as a tie would have caused a constitutional nightmare. We can also conclude that the method of creating the new constituencies gave a distinct advantage to the JLP should the election end as closely as it did in 2007.

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