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Educating you on Digicel Play

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to a letter to the editor, titled 'Too many teething pains, Digicel', written by a Leroy Brown and published in The Gleaner on Saturday, February 20, 2016. We are still trying to reach Mr Brown, even after double-checking our customer database and not finding anyone that matches the name he provided. Our emails to him have gone unanswered and so I use this forum to address the issues he raised. While we're very sorry that Mr Brown has not yet responded, we publicly apologise to him for any inconvenience caused.

Nonetheless, this medium gives us a golden opportunity to address the issues Mr Brown had raised, as follows:

1. User interface: Customers can switch to 'Reduced View' in order to view less information in the TV Guide and see more of what matters to them. Regarding font size and display, we are already making changes to improve these based upon feedback from our customers.

2. English/Spanish content on channels: Customers have been made aware that this is a licensing issue beyond our control. Our region is licensed to carry some Latin American programming. As a result, advertisements are broadcast in Spanish. However, programmes are in English. Like other TV service providers, we continue to secure content rights for US channels in English where available.

3. Programme Ratings & Parental Control Settings: We have parental-control features available in the Settings menu. Parental Control in the set top box is programmed at a default level to protect against mature content being shown. Customers who have a preference for a less stringent level of parental controls can adjust the level in the Settings menu. This information is provided at installation.

4. Dropped Channels: We are not removing channels from our line-up. However, there are occasions where programme providers experience outages that generally do not last for long.

5. Channel Freeze: We haven't heard this issue reported about the remote and set top box, other than the problem happening from an overseas programming source. For customers' safety, we caution against moving set top boxes to places where a ladder would be needed to reach them.

Thank you for this opportunity to share these valuable tips with Mr Brown and other Digicel Play users.

I sincerely hope they will assist with enhancing the superior viewing experience we promise to deliver.


CEO, Digicel Play - Caribbean and Central America