Sun | Mar 18, 2018

Well won by Labour Party

Published:Saturday | February 27, 2016 | 12:06 AM



As I read through the endless articles and comments posted on social media, it's undeniable that there is a certain level of catharsis in the results of Thursday's general election.

There is no doubt that the JLP and its party leader, in particular, should be proud of their victory. However, the real winners are the Jamaican people. First, the closeness of the results demonstrates that both parties have some work to do. Clearly, the PNP seems to have lost a beat from the last polls and will require some introspection.

More important, it means that the JLP will have to work hard to pass motions in Parliament and both sides will have to turn up to work. The PNP will no doubt have some time in the trenches of being an Opposition, something it hasn't had too much experience in doing, but it's necessary in order to grow as a party.

Conversely, the JLP will have to now work tirelessly to bring to fruition the promises made and be mindful of what happened the last time it didn't keep them. I can see spirited debates on the horizon.

Both party leaders will have to be wary of what they say and their attendant actions, as there will be greater scrutiny from critics. They now have the awesome task of restoring and inspiring greater participation in the polls, because, frankly, their existence depends on it.

This election says, in a fervent voice, "It's time for change." So Jamaica, let's see what the new administration brings. Revel in your win!