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Publish the bad-gas report

Published:Monday | February 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Between October last year and January 2016, contaminated petrol received at some gas stations affected thousands of motor vehicle owners, causing motorists to spend thousands of dollars to effect vehicle repairs.

Then Minister Phillip Paulwell ordered a probe via a three-man committee which he established over a month ago.

The committee was supposed to present a final report to him on February 24. This report should be published and the country informed about the true nature and source of this bad gas.

If the Bureau of Standards was doing its job effectively, efficiently and professionally, and regularly testing petrol at gas stations throughout the country at specified intervals, then this devastating bad-gas scandal would never have taken place.

It is of paramount importance that we are told the precise source of the contaminated gas and that sanctions be applied to those persons or companies responsible for the bad gas.

This is a serious issue and the culprits responsible must pay the penalty as prescribed by laws governing the petrol industry.

We cannot allow this issue to die; and affected motorists must be compensated by those persons responsible for distributing same.


Montego Bay