Fri | Jun 22, 2018

Election lessons

Published:Tuesday | March 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The 2016 general election had many messages and lessons to be learnt. The first message from the people of Jamaica to the PNP is: Jamaica is 'NOT PNP country'. We are not sheep and will not agree with, or follow, anything dished out to us. We are thinking people.

The second message to the JLPNP is: We want performance, development and jobs. If none is delivered, the people will remove the government after one term.

The third message and lesson came from Dr Fenton Ferguson, who, I wanted to lose because of how he performed as a minister of health, and his message was sent to all politicians and the National Democratic Movement: All politics is local. The health services degraded significantly under Minister Ferguson's leadership, but in his constituency, he ensured that his constituents remained loyal to him.


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