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Letter of the day: Mix youth with experience in House

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMKevin K.O. Sangster



As Prime Minister-designate Andrew Holness prepares to form his Government, he could appoint to the Senate some of the candidates who marginally lost their seats as a reward for their efforts and for their abilities to contribute to the Parliament.

The Senate positions would also give those candidates a platform on which to speak and an opportunity to enhance their national profiles.

Certainly, those persons, if they are still interested in pursuing representational politics and doing so from the constituencies in which they were last candidates, should remain in their respective constituencies and continue to work in preparation for the next such election, which may not be that far away.

Among those who could be so considered are Dennis Meadows, Newton Amos, Kerensia Morrison, Homer Davis and Dr Norman Dunn, assuming the latter two are not declared winners of their seats at the conclusion of the magisterial recounts.

Other persons who could be appointed senators include Ruel Reid, who could be made education minister; Aubyn Hill, possibly the minister of economic growth and job creation; and Kamina Johnson-Smith, who could be given the youth and information portfolios. Someone like a Dr Nigel Clarke or a Dr Ronald Robinson, if he is available and interested, could also be appointed.

Tom Tavares-Finson, as Senate president, and Kavan Gayle could be returned and joined by Robert Miller, who could be made a parliamentary secretary or junior minister. Alexander Williams could also be returned to the Senate and appointed attorney general and leader of government business.

As Prime Minister-designate Holness settles on his full Cabinet, he should be guided by the realities of the times and the practicality of his slim margin in the House and, therefore, appoint a Cabinet of youth and experience appropriate to such realities.