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The correct way to mark the ballot

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 11:04 PM


In response to a letter published in your newspaper titled 'Proper voting education needed', the Electoral Office of Jamaica wishes to clarify the inaccuracies within the letter, written by Pat Williams Bignall.

At the polling station, presiding officers instruct electors how to properly mark the X on the ballot for their selected candidate. The correct procedure, as stated in the Representation of the People Act, is the elector should mark his ballot paper by making a cross with a black lead pencil within the space containing the name of the candidate for whom he intends to vote. It is of no consequence whether a voter marks the ballot on the right or left of the symbol as a mark on either side is accepted; there is no right or wrong side of the symbol.

Ballots are rejected if:

n It was not issued by the presiding officer.

n It is not marked for any candidate.

n The vote was given for more than one candidate.

n There was any writing or mark on the ballot paper by which the elector could be identified.

Orrette Fisher

Director of Elections