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Letter of the Day: All Hands on Deck

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 11:04 PM


I do not believe this is a time for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to beat their chest and say that they have beaten the People's National Party (PNP), nor should the PNP look at what they did wrong. The perspective I believe we should glean from this situation is that all hands need to be on deck.

If there was a majority either way there would have been a greater snubbing of the other party which lost and the losing party would just see itself as an opposing party, just to oppose everything, since it has little power to affect what is done.

Mr Andrew Holness and the JLP government would be immature if they were just to discard all the programmes that the PNP introduced which were very beneficial to the country. We waste too much time and money as a nation when we try to make our political brand rather the country's brand. This is a time for the country's brand to be the focus, and because the election outcome was so close it will be hard for any party to try and build their own brand. The election result is saying something to us that we all must hear.

The new prime minister must show that the leadership strength that he carries is able to pull Jamaica together for the common good. This is similar to when a country is at war with another nation and all have to work together for their own survival and that of their families and neighbours. The new prime minister should be able to recognise the strengths that the PNP brings to the table and engage those strengths for the greater good of the country. Not only will he have to do this but so must also the members of his party.

The PNP will also be tested to see if the country is first before their party and to serve the nation in the best possible way not by opposing because they can, but to ensure that the policies are the best for the country. Could it be that maturity of both parties led by their leaders can cause us to be positioned in such a way to turn back the hands of time on this great nation, Jamaica, where there has been so much division, with many lives having been lost?



We now have an opportunity to become an example to the world and fulfil that section of our mandate which says "that Jamaica may under God increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity and play her part in the advancement of the whole human race".

Whichever party may have won, the citizens should seek to work with its leaders to bring continuous improvements for we need transformation in so many areas today. All hands should be on deck working towards a new Jamaica, not just waiting for the next election. My guess is that if we call another election the tables might turn, but we would have the same close result and whoever is at the helm would have to again decide the approach they will take - but they would not be able to ignore the other party.

This is a time for both parties to see themselves as leaders of this nation and engage the people towards a united Jamaica not fighting for the nation's 'Independence' according to party, but all together.

Bruce Fletcher