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Listen to the voice of the people

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We all acknowledge that the electorate has spoken in many ways in last Thursday's election. Perhaps the loudest voice is the dissatisfaction of the non-voting electorate, showing that there was little in either party to convince them to vote. This should be a humbling acknowledgement by both parties that despite all the campaign efforts, promises and strategies, there was more than a 50 per cent failure to engage and commit the electorate.

Another loud voice is that the leadership of the PNP has failed their party, and, by extension, the people of Jamaica. By leadership, I refer to Paul Burke and Peter Phillips, as well as Portia Simpson Miller. Their dispute-management strategy, avoidance of relevant issues, and focus on petty details were their undoing.

We speak glowingly of how our electorate is maturing. Well, is our political leadership maturing? Are leaders able to acknowledge their mistakes and concede that new direction is needed? Are these persons mature enough, and appreciative enough of the democratic process, to step aside and allow new leadership to take over? Is their party membership mature enough to demand new leadership?

I humbly suggest that these three persons listen carefully to the voice from the recent election, and the as-yet-unspoken voices, and pre-emptively do the right thing in a joint tripartite action. They must go now and allow their party to heal and mature in line with our maturing democracy.

I commend the Jamaica Labour Party on its victory, and would assume it has clearly dawned upon them how much maturity, commitment, and effectiveness is required of them to maintain their slender grasp of power.

May our great democratic progress be preserved and



Constant Spring,

St Andrew