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Post-elections: the way forward

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2016 | 11:04 PM


As the dust settles and the newly elected government organises its parliamentary machinery, as a member of the electorate, I believe it would be prudent for us to briefly reflect, in order for us to be able to proceed as a nation in the right direction.

The campaign trail was almost entirely focused on economic discussions on both sides of the political divide. But should this really be our predominant focus? Despite the fact that economics affects facets of our lives, governments over the years have brushed over, or completely ignored the subject of morality in our national discussions.

The saying is quite common that legislation and governance have 'nothing' to do with morality and values, but how can this be so? No law can be made in a vacuum - legislation is always based on the premise that there is 'right' and 'wrong', some things are 'just', while other things are 'unjust'. All of these are issues of morality.


Our country currently faces sharply declining morality on several levels: the grossly unacceptable murder rate comes to mind, robberies and extortions, disintegration of the family unit, teenage pregnancies, scamming and corruption. These need the urgent attention of our leaders. We cannot put these issues as secondary - they are central to repairing the spiritual, social and even the economic sector of our country. In addition to this, there are other external pressures which could even lead to further decline: the issues of abortion and LGBT community come to mind. Our leaders need to be resolute enough to stand against these pressures and defend righteousness.

We cannot build true 'prosperity' or 'progress' as a nation without due consideration for God's Way. A strident values and attitudes programme needs to be reintroduced into our school system and our workplaces. I challenge the prime minister to fearlessly lead the charge. Do not be distracted by merely tracking our position on economic indices. When morality is taken care of, everything else will fall into place. God promises us that righteousness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any nation (Proverbs 14:34). I urge you to think seriously on these things.

Follower of Jesus