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Letter of the day: Tough questions for PM Andrew Holness

Published:Friday | March 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Ballots have been counted, recounts are currently under way for some constituencies, but the overwhelming fact is that the election is over. Like it or not, we have a winner.

It is time to move on, Jamaica. It is time to get on with the business of running this country. The Jamaican people have indicated the direction in which they would like the country to go.

There have been many promises made this election cycle, and now is the time for the Prime Minister Andrew Holness to outline to the people of Jamaica how these plans will come to fruition.

With specific reference to the 10-Point Plan that was unveiled to the public. The questions that many Jamaicans are asking Mr Holness are:

- How will your administration fund government expenditure while removing income tax on salaries below $1.5 million?

- Many Jamaicans have been concerned that the Government has been using the National Housing Trust as a political tool to provide benefits to non-contributors of the Trust. How will your administration change how the Trust is operated?

The plan calls for increased seeking of external investment in the country. This begs the question, is not this the same as free zone economics - Jamaica crawling to the world, hat in hand, begging for handouts from investors that have no concern on what happens to the country in the process?




- A major point that was outlined was the employment for youth. The point calls for the establishment of an apprenticeship programme. Would not this create more problems? Would this not lock young people into low-wage jobs?

- One of the goals was to improve Jamaica as a digital society, and you aim to achieve this by digitising government records. This does raise some concern, because just a few months ago, there was the accidental release of private information on persons who borrowed money? Why should we trust that information will remain private?

- How will the Government fund revitalising towns and cities while remaining on track with the IMF programme? Which begs the question, will you continue with the IMF programme goals?



Students' Union Council

University of Technology, Jamaica