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Frustrated by Digicel

Published:Saturday | March 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Frustrated by Digicel

The level of customer service offered to the consuming public is largely pathetic, as borne out in my experience with Digicel over two days of trying to obtain documentary evidence that I have no outstanding bills with the company.

On February 29, 2016, I telephoned Digicel's customer care line, and explained to at least six of their representatives that I needed the document to complete a business transaction. Each one told me that I would have to wait until they send me the next bill to get that information.

I again explained that the information was critical for a banking transaction, yet they continued to repeat the same thing, and one of them said that they don't produce that type of information.

When I demanded to speak with someone in management, the person on the line said a manager would not be available to speak with me, but that a supervisor could contact me within 24 hours.

On March 1, I received a call at 11:40 a.m. from a female purporting to be a supervisor from Digicel. After identifying herself, she went on to tell me that I requested a bill the day before, but that I couldn't get it until two weeks' time when the company normally sends out bills to customers. I told her that I did not request a bill; but what I needed was a document stating that my payments are up to date.

As if she was oblivious to what I had just said to her, she went on to outline the company's policy of sending out bills. I asked her if she had heard what I was requesting, and she asked me to repeat. I complied.

She then told me that she had to check to see if the request could be honoured, and would get back in touch with me. Up to the time of writing, at 4:36 p.m. March 1, I had not heard from her. I suppose that when she is through with her research, she might discover the cure for the Zika virus.

Some three hours later, I went on to Digicel's website site and saw another contact number. I called, it was promptly answered (unlike the 10 or more minutes that it takes for the regular customer care number to be answered), and I requested to speak with a senior person. A man came on the line and introduced himself as a supervisor. I told him of my dilemma, but he told me that he didn't deal with individual accounts, only business accounts, but I could get the information at any dealer.

With relief, I rushed to the Tropical Plaza branch on Constant Spring Road, where I normally pay my bills. I approached a female rep in the store, and informed her of the documentation I needed. With a high-pitched voice, she made me look like a fool in the eyes of the other customers. "Only customer care can give you that. How could I tell you what your bill is?" she remarked.

Those displays are what we expect to be given at Maas Joe's patty shop in the country, or at some remote part of downtown. I can't complete an important business deal until another two weeks when Digicel sends me my regular bill, even though I am prepared to pay for the information I am requesting.

And to make matters worse, I can't speak to a manager at the company.


Mandeville PO, Manchester