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Seek from the sellers and buyers

Published:Tuesday | March 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am hearing talk again that our former colonial masters should be made to pay us for our ancestors being brought to this part of the world as slaves. May I ask also that we be paid something by our brothers in Africa who sold us across the Atlantic to these colonial masters? As I understand it, our ancestors were not all living at the docks from which they were shipped. It means that they were taken from inland to the ships at the docks.

I think it is fair that they should also pay us for taking our forebears there, and then here to this land. Essentially, we must get from both the sellers and the buyers as they both embarrassed us, and gained and benefited from the transaction. This will maximise the benefits for us, and make it much easier for us to live a good life in these hard times.

We were sold, not only bought, and we must not forget that. Now that we are organising to get money from the buyers, we must also seek to get money from the sellers.

Ed Johnson