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Letter of the Day: Put a stop to character assassination of Portia

Published:Wednesday | March 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Every so often when a woman rises to an office of prominence, we see other weak, cheap and selfish females seeking, without reason, to oppose and even tear down such a woman.

It is the same for the former prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller. This woman is a tower of strength and inspiration for many women in our country. Why is it that so many women, and some men, continue to disrespect this woman so much?

Mrs Simpson Miller has devoted her life in service to the Jamaican people, and all she has got for it daily is criticism after criticism. It is very ironic to see and hear some of the

persons who refer to her as being dunce, unintelligent, uneducated and other condescending names. Some of these individuals are high-school dropouts, some have no level of tertiary education, and others are underachievers who have made no significant contribution to this country.

The woman has her flaws, but who doesn't? Many of us who stand up to speak in front of crowds or small gatherings get nervous and/or make multiple mistakes.

Enough with the attacks on this woman's character! We have had a ball, and now it is time for us to let her be. She should be a model for most women, because some of us who criticise her will never live to be half the person she is.

She made mistakes, yes, and might not be the best or the ideal prime minister that some of us are looking for, but the truth is, she has put up a good fight for a black woman. She is hot-blooded, emphatic, fiery and feisty, and that is what makes her an interesting figure. When will I be able to refer to some of her sleazy critics as 'The Most Honourable'?

I am proud of Mrs Simpson Miller, and I respect her to the core. I find it very hard to respect a woman who does not respect other women, and that is why the liberation of women is so far-fetched in most societies. Women will only be respected and liberated if they start respecting and liberating each other.


Student, NCU