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Letter of the day: Listen to the people

Published:Friday | March 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The recent appointment of opposition senators by the People's National Party (PNP) shows that the PNP is still arrogant and has not learned from its recent election defeat. Since the general elections, the public has been crying for a renewal of the PNP. Party insiders and the general public have expressed discomfort with the current lineup of the party. Some people even believe that the ousting of Raymond Pryce and Damion Crawford contributed to the party's defeat. Others have claimed that the party is anti-youth and the present hierarchy is outdated.

With all this said, the PNP has insisted on presenting a recycled senate for opposition. In my view, this shows that the party cares not what the supporters and the general public have to say. Andrew Holness presented a senate with a good mixture of young and experienced members, and a few new faces. One would think that the PNP would try to counteract the JLPs selections with a nice mixture of its own.

I agree that there is need for experience in the senate but there is also need for freshness. The PNP has a number of young members who have remained loyal to the party even though at times the party hasn't been loyal to them. I am shocked at the reappointment of Angela Brown-Burke. She is the mayor of Kingston and also a vice president of the party. With so many roles, how effective can she be as a senator?

I expected to see names like Basil Waite, Damion Crawford, Raymond Pryce, Imani Duncan-Price, just to name a few.

If the party doesn't return to the humility that once existed within the PNP, we may find ourselves in opposition for years to come. This election defeat has given the party an opportunity to rebuild, rebrand and reenergise. My advice to the senior officers of the party is to listen to the people.

Garth Thompson