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Letter of the day: Reset the mindset

Published:Wednesday | March 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is true that every point of arrival may also be considered a point of departure. Failure to accept this concept could result in stagnation or decay. The disappointing thing is that many persons who arrive never depart. Arrival for them is not a means to an end but rather the end itself.

To accept the concept that every point of arrival may also be a point of departure is to accept and embrace the philosophy that progress is ongoing and that achievement of one goal is the cue to keep pushing and achieving other goals. Accepting this philosophy is essential to experience a meaningful existence. To think otherwise may lead to one becoming static and regressive thereby resulting in a life that of mediocrity. Such a person is willing to achieve the bare minimum to get by. What is frightening also is that some also see such a mundane existence as their lot and therefore see no point in being overly productive.

Unfortunately, too many Jamaicans see themselves in this latter category of being ordinary; of not being able to contribute to transform this country.


fired up to achieve


The onus is therefore on our leaders to, as the London-born sing-jay, Scratchylus says in his song, Reset the Mindset, of our people. Everyone, irrespective of status in life, should be encouraged to recognise his or her importance in taking us to the next level. Once we get to this stage in our psyche, in our mindset, in our cultural outlook, this becomes our arrival point from which we see the vision.

We will then be so engaged and so fired up to achieve this collective vision, that from this same arrival point we prepare ourselves for our departure to that next level in the transformation process.

We can do it, through the collective will of our people and the strength of God Almighty.

Dr Mark Nicely